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Crime and Punishment in the NCAA

Auburn is guilty.

That is an easy conclusion to come to. Auburn is guilty of committing some type of recruitng violation. Not because I think Auburn cheats but because I think the NCAA has so many just plain ridiculous rules that it would be virtually impossible for someone being recruited to not be given some type of improper benefit.

Just a couple weeks ago, a college basketball program was guilty of improper benefits when they had recruits visiting and watching a game accidentally meet Demi Moore. Really. That qualifies as a recruiting violation.

So, you can't tell me that Auburn didn't do something illegal. Almost impossible not to.

Auburn's biggest problem now is twofold. Let's call it the USC Syndrome.

There are two reason USC was hammered so hard by the NCAA. One was of their own doing and one was because of a circumstance beyond their control.

First, what USC, or more specifically Mike Garret, did wrong. Arrogance. The former USC AD refused to cooperate with the NCAA, refused to act any bit remorseful and basically ticking the NCAA off. It's no wonder USC got the heavy penalization it did. Had Garret been just a tid bit humble during the entire mess, Maybe USC would not be trying to appeal a case of possible overkill in punishment.

This is where Auburn can learn from USC's mistake. Do not act all high and mighty when the NCAA comes a-calling. Say 'yes sir' and 'no sir'. Show the investigators everything they ask for. Apologize profusely for the terrible confusion that has brought the ncaa to their campus. Do not act like an arrogant jackwagon.

And hope for the best.

Because, even that might not be enough.

Again, looking back at the USC case. And the thing they could not control. Publicity. The saying "any publicity is good publicity" is not so much true in the case of a college sports team under the microscope. The Reggie Bush situation was very high profile and was an opportunity for the NCAA to make a statement. Coast to coast, people knew what was going on, and it went on for several years, and the NCAA had to come down the way the did for the sake of public perception as much as anything else.

This is the bad news for Auburn.

Because Cam Newton is becoming as big a story as Reggie Bush was. So, a simple slap on the wrist is not going to make the NCAA look very good when it comes to public perception. So, when they get the evidence they need, they are going to hit Auburn. How hard they hit will depend a lot on how remorseful the Auburn AD appears to be and how much the story dies down over time.

The good news for all this, if you are an Auburn fan, is that that probably won't happen until around the year 2015. If, Newton is a non-story 5 years from now, Auburn has a chance to get just a slap on the wrist. If, on the other hand, he is still at Reggie Bush publicity level....

Auburn might have to forfeith the 2010 season.
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Wrong Guy Fired In Dallas

Wade Phillips has become the latest scapegoat for Jerry Jones.

Joining a list of names that includes Chan Gailey, Dave Campo and Bill Parcells.

Despite the fact that Phillips did something the other three failed to do as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Win a playoff game.

Yet, the general manager gets to keep his job.

Name me one other general manager in the NFL who could keep his job after winning just one playoff game in 14 years.

"If we just get the right coach in", Cowboy fans say. "That will solve the problem."

Cowboy fans. I have one question to ask you: How do you plan on that happening? Before you answer that question, let me give you a history lesson. About Jerry Jones and how he runs the Cowboys.

After Jimmy Johnson had left and Barry Switzer came in, news got out that one of the Cowboys had been cut. (I believe it was Alfredo Roberts but that was 16 years ago so my old memory bank could be failing me.) A reporter then asked Switzer what it was about Roberts that he didn't like.

Switzer replied that he had just found out himself that Roberts had been cut. "I guess the general manager made a decision," Switzer said.

This is why the Cowboys won't get the "right coach". Because the right coach won't put up with that.

I hear all the Jerry Jones apologists. "He just wants to win". Of course he wants to win. They all want to win. Even the Fords. I doubt that the Fords go to Lions games wanting to lose. If that was the case, they would have kept John Kitna.

Wade Phillips wants to win too. The fact of the matter though, is, he didn't win. And he was fired because of it.

Why should the general manager be any different?

Just because he is the owner?

Jerry Jones is a great businessman. He has made the Cowboys more profitable than they have ever been before. He has helped pioneer an age in the NFL that has helped it to far and away become the most popular sport in the US.

But, his team has only won one playoff game in 14 years, And he, as owner/general manager has been the one constant in this entire run. Coaches have changed. Quarterbacks have changed. Running backs. Wide receivers. Linemen, DBs. There has been one constant. Jerry Jones making the football decisions.

That's insanity.

Until Jerry Jones steps aside and lets a football man make football decisions, the insanity will continue. You know what they say insanity is, right?

Repeating the same action over and over and expecting different results.

Not letting your football men run your football team while expecting to be in the Super Bowl is insanity.

And, expecting the right coach to take over this team while your owner/general manager is cutting or trading for players without even telling the head coach what he plans to do is also insanity.

That insanity is the biggest reason this Cowboys team is in the mess it is in.
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Hater Membership Revoked

Did you hear about the new NASA project in Indianapolis?
Peyton Manning's forehead will be the new landing strip.

Yes, I own a Peyton Manning Hater Club membership card. And yes, it is partly because no matter what the Texans do, they never can seem to find a way to beat him.

But, there were more reasons than just that. A lot had to do with the Peyton apologists. "Peyton would have more rings if his defense was better". I would read that and then go and look at all the scores of the playoff games they lost from 1999-2005 and see that every in every playoff defeat in that time span, the Colts failed to score 20 points. Every defeat! And I'd wonder why it is that year after year, the greatest quarterback of all time failed to score 20 points and yet his defense was blamed for the playoff failures.

Then, I actually despised the Manning fans even more after the Super Bowl win. In that win, Manning had 1 TD and 1 INT and was named Super Bowl MVP. His best play that night was dropping back to pass on 3rd and 8, completing a pass to Rhodes or Addai 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage and watching the running back take the ball for 16 YAC to get the first down.

And afterwards we would read about how Tom Brady dinked and dunked his way to championships.

Funny how many players we end up not liking because of the way fans of these players act, isn't it?

If you asked me 5 years ago, who the quarterback of the decade was, I would have said Tom Brady. Really simple, come playoff time, Brady had what it took to get the job done and Peyton was left holding th bag blaming everyone from his "idiot kicker" to "protection issues".

Alas, that was five years ago.

Today? There is not a quarterback playing today, right now at this moment, I would want over Peyton Manning. Forget about it. Peyton has eclipsed them all. It's no longer a question. Brady has regressed ever since the injury and maybe even before then. He might still be having nightmares of how the Giants beat him up in that Super Bowl.

Manning, on the other hand, seems to me at least to have changed into more of a Terminator mindset. He has his mission. And he must complete his mission. That mission is not touchdown passing records. It's not completion percentages or quarterback ratings.

That mission is win the Super Bowl.

I'm not betting against him.
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Runaway Lane

I found this quite hilarious and figured many people, especially SECers, would enjoy it as well:
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Year End Toxin Awards

I had several ideas on what I wanted to do for an end of the year blog and then I found this:

Look here where it says 2009 Honey Awards and click on Play and just listen.

Happy New Year.
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Facing The Music Takes Guts

It seems the Michael Vick saga will never end. Once again, he is the focus of controversy. This time for receiving the Ed Block Courage Award as voted on by his teammates. PETA has objected, some posters have ridiculed the award and many have legitimate reasons for their displeasure with the news.

I can't ever say I have been in the pro-Vick camp in this entire saga. Some of the statements made by the Vick fans are pretty stupid. Nobody on this earth is "owed" a scend chance. And instead of criticizing Roger Goddell for restrictions on Vick's return, they should have been thanking him for allowing Vick to return at all.

However, Michael Vick has risen above his supporters and taken responsibility for what he did and has tried to make amends. Vick right now is possibly thanking the sports gods for Tiger Woods as he is no longer the focus of all the media stalkers.

But when he was, he gave a seminar on media relations and how to return from disgrace in a humble and grateful manner. Maybe he was coached up. Maybe it was all public relations. Who knows how sincere it really is?

But, let me draw a comparison to something I saw over 10 years ago.

ESPN did an interview with Lawrence Phillips in 1998. At one point, the question was asked: "Is there anything in your upbringing that has predisposed you to violence towards women?" Phillips replied, "awww man" and then stood, removed his microphone and walked out of the interview.

Today, Phillips is serving a prison sentence after a Supreme Court jury back in August found him guilty of seven counts, including assault with great bodily injury; false imprisonment; making a criminal threat; and auto theft. He had beaten up yet another girlfriend.

Just maybe because he never had the guts to face what he was and ran and hid from the tough questions about his personal life.

Now, watch a 2009 interview with Michael Vick. Never has he ever stood up and walked out. And never has he (unlike some of his fans) tried to portray himself as Michael Vick-tim.

It can't be easy living underneath that glare, especially when that glare is ready to gobble you up. Vick has faced it without blinking and has shown more courage than many others whom the media has found a reason to seek blood from.

We can argue til the cows come home whether he deserved a second chance but the fact is he got one. And so far, has made Goddell look smart for giving it to him.
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Replace Childress Now

Sunday night, Minnesota Vikings head ciach Brad Childress attempted toi bench Brett Favre.

Key word? Attempted.

And failed.

How does a head coach fail to bench a player? I do not care if it is Brett Half of the Posters Here Think He is God Favre. Childress is still the coach. Favre is still the player. The coach tells the player what to do and the player does it.

Childress can never tell a player on the Vikings to do anything ever again.

Childress has allowed Favre to neuter him right in front of the team.

Some people are calling for Childress to be fired for daring to bench Brett Those People Think He is God Favre.

No, he shouldn't be fired because he wanted to bench Favre. He should be fired for not being able to do so!
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Reality Bites A Tiger

It's not fair.

I've been hearing that about the Tiger Woods saga and it makes me laugh. How it's not fair that he has no right to privacy and whatever is happening in his personal life is being blasted all over sports sites and the 4-letter network. Yes, sports reporting and tabloid sensationalism seem to have gotten married somewhere along the line.

But don't any of you multimillionaire athletes ever expect to cry "it's not fair" and expect any sympathy from me!

What's not fair is that you, Tiger Woods, are really a useless person. You swing a golf club for a living. Think about it! You play golf and get rich while teachers, cops, firemen, people whose lives really do matter, struggle daily to pay their bills.

Newsflash Mister Woods. You can't have one without the other. You are not the first million dollar athlete to have your private life splashed all over the news and you won't be the last. That's what happens when you are a multimillion dollar celebrity. You give up your right to privacy. Maybe it's not fair but it is reality.

Want a right to privacy? Get a $30,000 a year job and play golf on the weekends with your drinking buddies.

Want to be a multimillion dollar athlete? Then deal with the fact that the media owns you. Because it really is them that makes you worth millions. All these athletes can cry all they want about the media, but it is the media that links you, Mister Professional Athlete, to me, Mister Sports Fan. The media hypes you and worships you and builds you up to be the greatest thing we've ever seen and you certainly have no problem reaping the rewards of that.

Now, comes the ugly side of being a celebrity and now, all of a sudden, you want the media to go away? Come on, Tiger. Have you really been that naive to think that what happened to Kobe Bryant and Roger Clemens and ARod would not happen to you? Do you really think that you should be able to reap all the rewards of your celebrity status and have none of the drawbacks? Seriously, Tiger, you need a reality check.

Yes, you are right. I don't have to worry about whether someone will take my picture at lunch with some woman I am not married to. But, I do have to worry about whether I get my bills paid in time to keep enough electricity in my house so I can post my blog next week. When's the last time Tiger had to worry about that?

Nobody gets to have the perfect life. To get something, we have to give up something in return. And, Tiger, reality is, to get to play golf for millions of dollars, you had to give up something. Your privacy.

That's just reality.

And reality bites.
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