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Posted on: June 21, 2009 12:35 pm

Baseball Still Has Heroes

MLB has taken a beating. The credibility of the sport is on life support. PEDs have become a punchline anytime someone wants to trash talk another team. Congressional hearings, court cases, leaked confidential drug test results. You name it and baseball has been guilty of it.
But there are still heroes in baseball!
Yes. I said it.
Like Albert Pujols.
But it's not what Pujols does from March-October that makes him a hero. It's what he does in February.
Albert Pujols and his wife, Deidre, returned to Albert's home, the Dominican Republic, without fanfare, without cameras, without the media's knowledge, and proceeded to load houses with mattresses. Givign beds to people who never had a bed before in their life!
"God delivered me from that place and my job now is to help others. It is my responsibility - what God has called me to do."
The Pujols family fully funds a Child Survival Program in the Dominacn Republic through Compassion International as well as sponsoring three children through Compassion.
"They come to our bateys (neighborhoods) with teams of dentists, eye doctors and medical doctors and they help everyone," says Bernard Okeke, who works for Compassion in the Dominican Republic.
Albert's wife also has a website, PujolsKitchen.com, with all proceeds to be used by the Pujols Family Foundation to help Dominican women.
But more than that, the Pujols hope to be an example for others to follow. "There are 9.6 million people in the Dominican Republic and I can't reach all of them," Albert says. "But i want to make sure I set an example for others to follow, for my kids, for my future grandkids, and the people of the Dominican Republic."
Albert Pujols is the exact kind of hero that MLB needs right now.

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