Posted on: September 14, 2008 12:54 pm

Just Own It

Get your popcorn ready. T.O. is at it again.

By now, you have probably heard or read the comments T.O. made in regards to Donovan McNabb. Personally, I think that soap opera is tired and old and somebody, not mentioning any names, should go ahead and move on. But what I am most interested in seeing is the typical T.O. ending to this latest mouth attack on his former quarterback.

Stop me if you've seen this scenario before. T.O. opens his mouth, says some not so nice things about someone, the press gets ahold of it, it becomes a big issue, then T.O. tries to play innocent victim to the media's bias against him. Are you kidding me T.O.? The media loves you. They know that all they have to do is put a microphone in your face and you'll say something that they can run to the printers with and print in huge bold-faced type and sell their newspapers or magazines.

Personally, I have no problems with T.O. saying Donovan McNabb sucks or Jeff Garcia is gay or anything else he wants to say. My problem with T.O. (and he isn't the only one) is when he says or does something that is deemed controversial and thus becomes newsworthy, he won't ever own it! If you are man enough to open your mouth and say it, be man enough to own it when it comes back to bite you in the butt. I'd have a lot more respect for him if he would stand up and say "yeah, this is what I said and I meant what I said" than I will if he pulls his normal routine and starts in on saying that it was the media trying to restart his feud with McNabb.

This goes beyond just T.O. This goes to Bill "I Misinterpreted The Rule" Bellichick, Roger "I Misremembered The Conversation" Clemens, Sammy "I Forgot How To Speak English" Sosa and Mark "I'm Not Here To Talk About The Past" McGwire. Take from history this lesson. Once upon a time, McGwire and Sosa were considered the saviors of baseball. Bellichick was the genius that roamed the sidelines. Scandals have tarnished their images quite a bit. And, in these specific cases, it's not just what they did, but their downright refusal to own what they did that really has people steamed at these former heroes.

Then we have Andy Pettitte. Andy Pettitte is a cheater! He used performance enhancement drugs. He admitted it. And, you know, that is exactly why Pettitte has become Saint Andy while Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire and others have become The Scourge of Baseball. And simply held his hands up and said "yes, I did it. I own it. I'm sorry." He's no more of a saint than anyone else mentioned in this little rant of mine, but he did what we wanted to see from the guy. He came clean and faced the music and we forgave him.

Sports heroes don't have to be perfect. They are as human as you and I. They are going to do things we don't like because we ain't them. They are going to say things they will regret later. The ones who come back and are willing to own their words and actions, I can respect that. The ones who cheat or run their mouths and then try to blame it on something other than themselves, I can't respect that.

T.O., when someone tries to hold you accountable for your remarks this past week about McNabb, please man, don't go off and try to act the innocent victim and blame the media for blowing it out of proportion. You were willing to say it Wednesday, be willing to back it up Monday and beyond.

Seems Nike could scrap the Just Do It slogan and make a new one for the 21st Century.

Just Own It.

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