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Posted on: January 14, 2009 1:08 pm
Edited on: January 14, 2009 1:14 pm

The More Things Change

1. Quickly, can you name the last game Kurt Warner won as the starting quarterback of the St Louis Rams? If you answered the NFC Championship Game in '01-'02, then you are correct. Now, can you name the team that the Rams beat in that game? If you answered the Philadelphia Eagles, then you are correct again! Now, can you name the starting quarterback for those Philadelphia Eagles? If you said Donovan McNabb, then guess what. You are correct. 7 years later, these two meet again in the NFC Championship Game. Since that meeting 7 years ago, Warner has been run out of St Louis, used as cannon fodder to prep Eli in New York and then was supposed to keep the seat warm in Arizona until Leinart was ready. The old codger just refuses to go away. Meanwhile, McNabb would be on the short end of three straight NFC Championship Games before finally getting to the Super Bowl, only to have his receiver all but blame that loss solely on him. Since then, Eagle fans and media have been looking for anything that says that McNabb will be gone. But here he is, in the NFC Championship Game for the 5th time in his career. Meanwhile, in the AFC Championship Game, you have Joe Flacco, doing his best Ben Roethlesberger impersonation, taking on....well...Ben Roethlesberger. Roethlesberger knows just how tough the AFC Championship Game can be on a rookie quarterback and the Steelers' defense plans to make sure Flacco learns that lesson as well. Some people say that quarterback play is a key to winning it all. Well, I think we have learned over the past several Super Bowls is that a quarterback doesn't necessarily have to win the championship for his team, just as long as he doesn't lose it for them.

2. Kentucky basketball has a great history. Great tradition. And now, a new chapter is added to Kentucky's history books. Jodie Meeks put up 54 points in a 90-72 win over Tennessee, breaking the 39-year old Kentucky scoring record held by Dan Issel (53 points against Ole Miss). What's more is that Kentucky improves to 13-4 and Tennessee, ranked 24th, falls to 10-5. The Vols should be on their way out of the Top 25. At 2-0 in SEC play, the Wildcats may very well be headed into the Top 25. College basketball really is alot of fun to keep up with. Their fans are as fanatical as you will find.

3. On the other hand, we have the NBA. NBA fans are about as entertaining as 10th graders in Geometry class. MLB has made its trading deadline into a yearly event and the NBA is trying to copy that. Last year, two huge moves were made, with Shaq heading to Phoenix and Jason Kidd going to Dallas. Moves that seemed to make these two teams worse! Not better! But, at least it gave us some entertainment during the NBA season. It is kind of hard to take the NBA regular season seriously when teams with 35-47 records make the playoffs. But, maybe we'll see another fun trade in the next month blow up in someone's face. That's the closest thing to amusement the Toxic One will get from the NBA regular season. They should just skip the regular season and hold the playoffs from the start. Just about everyone makes it anyways.
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