Posted on: October 4, 2008 8:55 am
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Ocho Genius

So, Chad Johns....errr....Ocho...errrr, hell with it, I'm just going to call him Chad. Chad says he is going to score a touchdown against the Cowboys and then kiss the star. Most of us are sitting there thinking he is just being stupid and needs to shut up. But wait....Let's think about this for a second.

Suppose, just suppose, Chad gets an early touchdown and goes off and does this star kiss thing. Now, who is watching on the other sideline? That's right. T. O. Now, let's get into the thought process of Mister Owens. This is the same guy who spiked the ball on the star twice in the same game. Why did he do it the second time? Because after he did it once, Emmitt Smith answered to even the score of sorts. But that doesn't work for T. O. He has to be one-up. He had to be one-up then and he will have to be one-up now. It's because he is ... "competitive". So, he has to be the top dog, even when taunting.

So, back to our hypothetical situation. Chad has scored and kissed the star. Now, T. O. will have to one-up him. So, he will have to do a bigger taunt. Which means he will have to score. Whick means he will have to get the ball. He'll be demanding it even more this week than he did last week. Remember that game? The Cowboys had 58 offensive plays. 11 of them were rushing plays. 2 of those went to T.O. 47 pass plays. 18 of them thrown to or were designed for T. O. Garrett and Romo were already going out of their way to try and get T. O. the ball. Then he had that complaining quote in the paper so they are even more aware that T. O. wants the ball.

Now, we have T. O. having to try and outdo Chad's kissing the star?

The Dallas offense will be in total chaos. All the Bengals defense will have to do is rotate an extra defensive back to T. O. on every play. The longer the game goes without T. O. being able to retaliate to Chad's kissing the star, the more frustrated he will get and the closer the Bengals will come to pulling off this upset.

All over a bunch of silliness.

But that is what we are dealing with when you put guys like Chad and T. O. on the field at the same time.

Who is running this show? Barnum and Bailey?

I'll have my popcorn ready.
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