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Posted on: October 23, 2008 3:19 pm

Who Is Next On The Chopping Block?

We have yet to reach the halfway point of the NFL season and, already, there have been three head coaches fired. Surely more will fall before the end of the season. But who would be next? Here are some of the top candidates to lose their jobs before the 2009 season begins.

Wade Phillips - Wade should be able to make it through the season, barring some sort of monumental collapse. Jerry Jones has run off many head coaches, but he's never fired one during the season. However, most of us see the writing on the wall. In 2009, Jason Garrett will be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Rod Marinelli - I think Marinelli will last through the season. If they were going to fire him, they would have done so when they fired Matt Millen. No, Marinelli is like Wade. A lameduck whom will be fired when the Lions' new General Manager takes over and starts inserting hiw own people.

Brad Childress - Childress may becone the victim of high expectations for a team that may have been overhyped coming into the season. A losing streak of three or four games that kills the Vikings hopes for the playoffs might, indeed, be enough to send Childress packing before the season ends.

Herm Edwards - That one is hard to figure. In defense of Herm, the Chiefs haven't exactly been fortunate in the health of starting quarterbacks category. The team has gotten worse under Herm but has also gotten younger as well. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "rebuilding" in the free agent/salary cap era of pro football. Still, I would not be surprised to see Herm wearing the Chiefs' headsets again next year cause I really have no idea what the Chiefs are trying to accomplish. Ownership has been loyal to Carl Peterson to a fault and Peterson has been loyal to Edwards to a fault. Maybe the Chiefs should be viewed as a sad sign of the times as this is all loyalty can get you anymore?

Marvin Lewis - What has happened to Lewis in Cincinatti has just dumbfounded me! He steps into an organization that had been the joke of the NFL for over 15 years and made them instantly respectable. Took them to their first playoff game since 1990. And, then, immediately, the wheels fell off. Lewis is hard to call. I wouldn't be shocked if he is fired midseason and I wouldn't be shocked if he is coaching the Bengals next season. I hope Lewis gets another chance as a head coach somewhere less dysfunctional because he did prove he can do the job his first three years in Cincinatti.

Eric Mangini - Was it just two years ago that he was labeled Mangenius? Again, a coach faced with unrealistic expectations based mostly on the acquisition of a 39 year old quarterback. Whom really has been quite inconsistent for a few years now and is showing that same inconsistency this season. 6 TDs in a game against Arizona and then no TDs and 2 INTs in a game against the Raiders. I think Mangini should last to the end of the season, cause even 8-8 will be an improvement on last season and 8-8 is about what the Jets can expect.

Romeo Crennel - A victim of his own mini-success. After a 10-win season in 07, too many people though the Browns were that good. After all, they had as many wins as the Giants and the Giants won the Super Bowl! The win over those same Giants on Monday Night Football took a lot of heat off of Crennel but he may be facing that heat again soon if he doesn't get the Browns above .500 soon. Still, I think Crennel survives to the end of the season at least.

Of the ones listed, I think Brad Childress would be most likely to be fired before the season ends. But I expect most, if not all of them, to survive to the end of the season and then for a few of them to be let go then.

Did I leave anyone out? Do you think one of these will be fired before the season is over?
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