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Posted on: September 25, 2008 4:09 pm

Texas Stadium's Last Stand

For the last time ever, the Washington Redskins will play the Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium.

I'd love to say I had been there and saw one of those games but my only memories of these two teams meeting in Texas Stadium come from television. Channel 11 out of Houston when the NFC was affiliated with CBS. While I am too young to remember the Clint Longley game, I can still remember the 1979 shootout.

Most of my friends were Cowboy fans as was my dad, and when Riggins broke the run that put Washington up 34-21, not a single one of them gave up or thought the game was over. Because the Cowboys had one guy who, no matter the score, as long as he was playing, they knew the Cowboys had a chance to win.

Sure enough, Dallas scored 2 late late touchdowns and won 35-34.

Without that comeback, the Cowboys would have missed the playoffs that year. Instead, they would make the playoffs something like 18 out of 20 years. They would miss the playoffs in 1984, with a loss in Texas Stadium to the Redskins, by the score of 30-28, which was the stake in the Cowboys hearts that season. Dallas would lose the next week to Miami and miss the playoffs for only the 2nd time since some time in the mid 60s.

In 1992, the Cowboys opened the season with a Monday Night 23-10 win over the defending Super Bowl Champion Redskins that sparked the Cowboys towards their first Super Bowl in the Aikman/Irvin/Emmitt era. In 1995, the Redskins would beat the Cowboys 24-17 to sweep Dallas. Alas, the Redskins would end up in the cellar of the NFC east and the Cowboys would win their third Super Bowl in 4 seasons.

From 1997-2004, the Cowboys run up 14 wins in 15 games against the Redskins. Then, on Monday Night Football, in Texas Stadium, on September 19, 2005, the Cowboys went into the fourth quarter with a 13-0 lead on the Washington Redskins. But Mark Brunell did his best Roger Stauback impression, tossing two fourth quarter passes to beat Dallas 14-13, bringing this rivalry full circle.

Cowboy fans and Redskin fans have their own favorite moments of Cowboy-Redskin games in Texas Stadium. And for one last time, they will meet in that old stadium and here's hoping that this game ends in a classic that can top them all.
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