Posted on: December 21, 2009 4:06 pm
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Replace Childress Now

Sunday night, Minnesota Vikings head ciach Brad Childress attempted toi bench Brett Favre.

Key word? Attempted.

And failed.

How does a head coach fail to bench a player? I do not care if it is Brett Half of the Posters Here Think He is God Favre. Childress is still the coach. Favre is still the player. The coach tells the player what to do and the player does it.

Childress can never tell a player on the Vikings to do anything ever again.

Childress has allowed Favre to neuter him right in front of the team.

Some people are calling for Childress to be fired for daring to bench Brett Those People Think He is God Favre.

No, he shouldn't be fired because he wanted to bench Favre. He should be fired for not being able to do so!
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Posted on: October 20, 2008 2:42 pm
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Manic Monday Nuttahs

1. Tampa Bay finally did it. The Rays are in the World Series. Now, of course, we have the mainstream media (Freeman) whining that a Phillies-Rays World Series isn't "sexy enough" for him. Oh....my...Gawd! Do you hear that Bud Selig? You have failed in your duties as baseball commissioner because you did not produce a World Series matchup that appeases Freeman! How freaking ARROGANT can some sports writers be that they think that somehow who they want to be in the World Series matters! It doesn't matter, Freeman! The World Series does not exist to accommodate YOU! It exists to put the winners of the ALCS against the winners of the NLCS! If you don't watch it because it's not sexy enough for you, then that's your loss.

2. The head coaching change in St Louis better have teams worrying about the Rams. That team's mentality has changed drastically with the ouster of Scott Linehan and the promotion of Jim Haslett to head coach. Arizona better not stumble or else they'll see the Rams breathing down their neck for the NFC West Championship.

3. On the other hand, the Cowboys are NOT right mentally. Yeah yeah yeah. Tony's finger was hurt and he didn't play. But that's not why they lost 34-14. That's not why they lost 3 out of their last 4. The Cowboys are simply not right mentally. They aren't disciplined mentally. Stupid illegal shift penalties killing a scoring opportunity. Sleepwalking on the football field. Cowboy fans, your team is in trouble. Not talent-wise but attitude-wise. They got that star on their helmet and they are acting like that alone should win them football games. They better figure out their mental failings or they will be watching the playoffs on television.

4. Toxic Take: Hines Ward. I like Hines Ward. I don't like seeing a guy get hurt but I do like seeing guys play football. With all the wide receivers in the league that spend more time practicing their end zone celebrations than they do practicing their route running, it's nice to see a wide receiver remember that football is a contact sport and goes out there and pops somebody.

5. Then we have the Brett Favre silliness. I'm not going into the alleged accusations about him giving out Packer secrets. I'm more interested in examining his on the field play. And the entire Brett vs Aaron debate has been a roller coaster. The Packers started 2-0 and Aaron looked good while Brett and the Jets were just 1-2 and not so hot. Then the Packers lost 3 straight as Aaron was hurting and Brett had one ....key word ONE....monster game and suddenly everyone was jumping out and pointing out what a mistake the Packers made and how the Packers were going to regret the move. Then the Packers won a couple games, Rodgers outdueled Peyton Manning and Brett and the Jets just stunk up the joint against a Raiders team that, just a week ago, I would have thought would not win another game all season. Just another wacky week in the NFL.

6. Heads up, Texans. A second straight game is headed their way against a winless team. I always cringe when we have to play winless teams. Especially when the Texans have never beaten the Bengals in their existence. Texans need to take a class on how to step on a team's neck and choke them out. No reason to only win 28-21 against the Lions when you have a 21-0 first quarter lead!

7. Teams that are for real: Buffalo, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Giants. Not quite yet sold on: Denver, Arizona, Washington, the entire NFC North. On the rise: Rams. On the decline: Patriots, Chargers, Colts, Cowboys. Get consistent and you could be a contender: Jets, Jaguars, Saints, Buccaneers, Ravens, Eagles.

8. One last question/thought before I wrap up. Will the election put an end to all the political talk on this board or will it just make it worse? Why do you people bother? Seriously! I've read several of the threads on the political topics and all the good or relevant points get buried in the huge pile of personal attacks, insults, name-calling and stereotyping. Yankee and Red Sox fans think that Democrats and Republicans should be a bit nicer to each other!

And with that, Toxic Talk will now close for the day.
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