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Posted on: September 15, 2008 1:53 pm

No-No Fair

Last night, Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs pitched a no-hitter against the Houston Astros in a game played at Miller Park in Milwalkee. The Astros were supposed to host this game but, due to Hurricane Ike, the location of the game was changed to a facility that ended up making the home field advantage much more in favor of Chicago. Add in the unexpected traveling as well as the mindset of the players on what was happening in their team's home town, and it is understandable that perhaps they did not give their best effort last night.

Still, they had a game to play and they got beat. They got no-hit. Circumstances aside, we can't take anything away from the fact that Zambrano pitched a no-hitter. The games had to go on. That's the nature of the business.

You see, it may just be just a baseball game and it may be very trivial compared to a hurricane, but it is also employment. It is their job to play baseball. Just as many others still had to do their job in spite of what had happened to Houston and Galveston and other places that were hit by the hurricane. Drive 100-120 miles south on highway 59, and you would have found me doing my job this weekend, in spite of the fact that the hurricane could very well have hit where I lived. I got lucky. Many people did not.

We saw a similar situation after Katrina where the Saints played a 'home game' at Giants Stadium against the Giants. That wasn't fair either. But you know what really wasn't fair? All the Saints fans who had to relocate to Texas because the storm destroyed their homes. Or the Saints fans whom did not get out of New Orleans and perished in Katrina. Now that is really unfair. Makes relocating a football game seem quite minor in comparison, don't you think?

The Houston Astros may very well have been as much victimized by Ike as they were by Zambrano's pitches last night, but at least they can awake to play another day and have the chance to bounce back. Many of Ike's real victims will never have that chance. And that's the no-no that isn't fair.

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