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Posted on: December 10, 2008 6:35 pm

Boys Will Be Boys

"My first road game with Dallas, we walk into the hotel lobby and there are four hundred people waiting - grown men, beautiful women, kids. It's a circus and a rock concert rolled into one. My first game with the Rams, the only people waiting are the bellhops." - Jim Price, Cowboys tight end.

While entertaining and amusing for a self-professed "Cowboy-hater", Boys Will Be Boys (by Jeff Pearlman) was still somewhat of a disappointment. After reading this book, I do not get the feeling I know much now that I didn't know when the 1990s came to an end.

Did I know that the Dallas Cowboys partied hard during that time? Yes.
Did I know that the Cowboys lacked discipline under Barry Switzer and that was a big reason they fell apart after winning 3 of 4 Super Bowls? Yes.
Did I know that, without Jimmy Johnson, Jerry Jones' drafts were mind-numbingly horrible? Yes.
Did I know that Deion Sanders was the walking billboard for prima donnas? Yes.
Did I know that Skip Bayless is the least credible writer in the history of sports journalism? Yes.

The most insight gained into the Cowboys of the '90s from this book that I gained had mainly to do with Jimmy Johnson. Whilw heralded by many as the real genius of the operation, one would be stunned to read that Jimmy Johnson wanted to trade Troy Aikman, cut Michael Irvin and not draft Emmitt Smith. Jimmy was also such a brutal taskmaster that, except for guys like Aikman and Irvin. most of the Cowboys' players were glad to see him gone.

There are some other golden tidbits in there. Deion's attitude towards practice and film study rubbed many teammates the wrong way. Charles Haley being downright insane got him in trouble more than once. And, of course, there is the story of Michael Irvin punching a referee. Not in a football game. No no. In a "charity" basketball game. (The referee was a volunteer).

Oh, by no means is this book a total waste of time. You actually learn more about Super Bowl XXX than you might have thought. Such as, how Neil O'Donnell's second interception was actually the fault of a receiver named Andre Hastings, who ran the wrong route. Then, again, most people by now know that too. And the book is well researched. It just reads like a summary of everything we already knew.

Still, if you are looking for an amusing book that can give you a few laughs at the expense of "America's Team", Boys Will Be Boys is for you. If you are looking into new insight into the Cowboys of the '90s, you won't find it here.
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