Posted on: July 18, 2009 9:22 pm

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So, did you guys see the story about Richard Jefferson calling off his wedding?

Goodbye sports reporting. Hello WWE brand sports entertainment reporting.

I only have one question for you about that. How did this become news?

And I am saying this as a Spurs fan. Richard Jefferson is not high profile enough for us to care whether or not he called off his wedding. Who cares? Tell me about Richard Jefferson and how his performance affected the Spurs' last game. Or don't talk about him at all. His wedding? That's between him and the woman who was his bride-to-be. I don't care and I don't want to know.

But this is where sports "journalism" has headed to. And quite frankly, it makes me ashamed to be a sports fan.

Half the garbage talked about by the sports media isn't relevant to anything. So, LeBron got dunked on and then Nike confiscated all video footage of it happening. While it does make LeBron and Nike look like total losers, at the same time, is it really something we should care about on a sports website? Should we be reporting that Tony Romo is doing commercials? Or if Shaq is penning another Kobe rap? Favre hasn't made up his mind if he wants to play? Fine, tell me when he signs. Until then, Brett Favre is as relevant to sports as Rosie O'Donnell is to Barbara Walters' Fave 5 List.

This is a sports site! Can we please have stories and opinions that are about sports?

Michael Vick's sentence is up Monday. Good for him. But, until Goddell determines what Vick's football future will be, he isn't a sports story! He's just a tabloid story being sensationalized to get ratings and readers.

Shame on you, CBS. And shame on every other sports-related site and publication that would rather post sensationalistic-driven garbage to boost readership.

And shame on all sports fans who encourage them to do so by reading that crap!
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