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Posted on: October 17, 2008 10:13 am

More Nuttahisms

1. Normally, I'd jump on the Cinderella bandwagon. Normally I'd root for the Rays to beat the Red Sox and go to the World series. Normally, I'd want the low-payroll team to smack down the high-payroll team. At least I had that opinion until last night. No, it wasn't the great Red Sox rally that won me over. It was reading the game thread and watching all these non-Ray fans come on and make asses of themselves while bashing the Red Sox. It's one thing to cheer one team or another. But some of these posters started getting personal with their attacks on some of the Red Sox fans who were doing nothing more than posting about the game. I wonder how many of them would have been that brave and say that stuff had they been say in a Boston sports bar. But give them a keyboard and an anonymous nickname and suddenly they get brave. Pathetic really. And, thanks to those of you whom did that, all I have to say back to you is this: Go Red Sox!

2. It appears that of the two NFL head coach firings, one may have made the team better and the other made the team worse. The Rams came out and played with heart and looked like they were enjoying football and pulled a stunning win on the road over the Redskins. On the other side of the coin, the Raiders looked like they were sending a message to Al Davis. I won't bash them so much for giving up 34 to the Saints (even though Colston and Shockey were both out) but how do you only score THREE against a defense that has not stopped anyone all season? Maybe they would not have won had Kiffin still been there but they sure as hell wouldn't have lost 34-3! But it's not they head coach itself but the damn drama that Al Davis has put this group through that has done the most damage.  Make a head coaching change but do it in such a way that allows the organization to retain some shred of dignity. Al Davis' drama queen press conference that ended Lane Kiffin's tenure with the Raiders was more than just a hatchet vendetta designed to humiliate the ex-coach. It was also a demoralizing blow to an already fragile team psyche. Remember, John Madden once said that 90% of the game is half mental. And what Al Davis did to the mental health of his players could be seen clearly on the field against the Saints. I would not be surprised if the Raiders end the season 1-15. I've seen many times where teams have met such a demoralizing event and responded by losing the rest of their games. Remember when Jim Mora went off on his "playoffs?" rant? The Colts lost the rest of their games that season. Remember the Ravens meltdown against the Patriots last season? They didn't win another game under Brian Billick. Don't be surprised to see this happen to the Raiders.

3. So, I hear Jerry Jones will make a decision on whether or not Tony Romo will play. Why is Jerry making this decision? Isn't that why he hired a medical staff and a head coach? How can you Cowboy fans stomach this is what I will never understand. Don't you want to grab Jerry by his neck, squeeze it and scream in his face "Quit meddling!" Yes, I know. He's the owner. It's his team. He can do what he wants. But it's just like in any other business. You may be the owner, but you hire people to do specific things based on their skills! And Jerry has skills to run a business but he is not skilled at being a football coach. And he sure as hell isn't qualified in the medical profession! So, for the betterment of the Cowboys, Jerry should back off and let the medical staff and coaches determine Romo's playing status.

4. I was surprised to see Texas leapfrog Alabama to get to #1. But, if I were a Texas fan, I wouldn't be too thrilled about it. And, if I were an Alabama fan, I wouldn't be too upset. If we've learned anything over the past year and a half in college football, we have learned that being ranked #1 only means that you are about to lose a game.

5. Aren't you proud of me? I've gone this deep into my rants and have yet to criticize T.O. one time.

6. So Shaq is running his mouth again about cowards this time. You know who was really a coward? Shaq! Hey, Fat Aristotle. What a coincidence that you magically healed from your injury as soon as Miami traded you to Phoenix. Who do you think you are? Manny Ramirez? If anyone should be rapping, it should be the Miami Heat rapping about getting a refund for the money they paid Shaq last season before the trade. Because he damn sure didn't earn a dime of it!

7. Here's hoping the coming week in the NFL isn't as nuts as last week. I only went 7-7 on my picks. Inexcusable! As a Texan fan, I am obligated to blame David Carr for that too. Or maybe T-Mac. "It's my fault. Everything's my fault." Yep, T-Mac, It sure is!

The Toxic One is out!
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