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Posted on: August 18, 2009 7:26 pm

Real Fantasy Football Top 10

So it is the day and age of fantasy football. Leagues are forming. Drafts will happen and every draft expert has listed their top tens in positions and sleepers and.....

I hate fantasy football. I played it once and found it to be the least enjoyable experience in sports in my entire life. Not because i didn't win but because the people I was playing with were whiny, back biting, manipulative brats. They would have made great team owners in the real world of pro sports.

So, when Rob Toxin makes his fantasy top 10, what I mean is, the top 10 fantasies I'd like to see but probably won't. That's what makes them fantasies.

#1; The Texans sweep the Colts.

#2; Goddell calls Brett the Drama Queen Favre into his office and lets him know: You want to play again? fine. Report to the Jets!

#3: Every wide receiver in the NFL learns that scoring the touchdown is more important than celebrating the touchdown.

#4: Eevry single person elected to the Pro Bowl is actually proud of the achievement and makes it a priority to attend the game.

#5: We can go from September through Februaury without having an NFL player arrested. Really. Is it that hard to just simply obey the freakin' law?

#6: We can go from September through February without an NFL player giving glory to God for the things on the football field. Really. Does God care if you score a touchdown or not?

#7: Somebody walks up to Jerry Jones and tells him what he can do with his $90 pizza.

#8: Michael Crabtree holds out the entire year, enters the 2010 draft, and isn't picked by anybody in the entire draft!

#9: Rob Toxin goes on a reality show and gets to pick which one of the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders he gets to .... okay, back to football fantasies before this blog gets banned.

#10: The Texans play the Saints in the Super Bowl.

There are my 10 football fantasies. What's yours?
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