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Posted on: November 16, 2008 8:31 am
Edited on: November 16, 2008 3:49 pm

Hating To Love To Hate

There is this 20-something year old female I chat with who lives in Detroit. Like most people in Detroit, she has become ambivalent towards the Lions, frustrated with the Tigers and on the Red Wings bandwagon. But her team is the Pistons! Sometimes, just get a rise out of her, I'll smack talk the Pistons. It usually works. I swear sometimes I can look into my computer and see smoke coming from her ears.

Now, it's more than just smoke. There are some serious flames coming out of her red hair.

You see, Chauncey Billups was her favorite Piston. To make matters worse, she detests Allen Iverson. And, not only have the Pistons traded Billups for Iverson, they gave Iverson Billups' jersey number!

This woman is fit to be tied! She has already told me that she's rooting for the Nuggets this year.

She's not the only fan to have this type of reaction. I'm sure we've all read the stories of sports bars in Wisconsin where patrons will enter wearing #4 Jets' jerseys and demand the tv be changed to the Jets game, even though the Packers are playing. There is major discontent in Cheesehead Country now that Brett is a Jet.

I'm going to turn the forum over to you, the reader. Has there ever been an instance where your team did something that angered you so badly that you rooted for them to lose?

I'll give you a personal example that happened to me years ago. When I was in junior high, I was Luv Ya Blue true to the Houston Oilers. Then, after a third straight trip to the playoffs ended with a loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the Oilers fired Bum Phillips. I was so angry, I wanted them to go 0-16 the next year. They didn't. I think they went 7-9. Shortly thereafter, Bum was hired by the Saints and I started rooting for them. They are, to this day, my second favorite team behind the Texans.

Has a favorite player ever been traded away or favorite coach ever been fired that made you so mad you wanted your team to be lousy as a form of retribution? Or have you ever become a fan of another team because your favorite player or coach went there? Or maybe your team hired a coach or signed a player you detest so much that it turned your stomach trying to root for him? As a backup Saints fan, I still cringe at trying to cheer for Jeremy Shockey.

The Toxic One would like to hear from you.

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